Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hot water

Damons coming here soon.
That's scary!
Damon is organising a longish mountain bike ride soon and has to send the details of the track to the organisers. I think it's starting in my town and because I have a pretty good knowledge of the area he wants me to find a route for the race. Option A which is the obvious route goes over the top end of Wellington Dam but it's not my choice because it has to creep between some farmland and the waters edge and it's just not an inspiring ride. Option B is to cross the Wellington Dam at a narrow point near what is called "The shack" and do some absolutely magnificant climbs through some great bush. It's all in the Wellington National park too. It's the sort of forest that encloses you when you enter it. I know great tracks on Option B. Howerver Damon text me and said that moving 500 mountain bikers across the waters might be a problem. Where's Moses when you need him?
Another option, which we'll call Option C is to cross the river at a low point. And do a mix of option A and B. The trouble with this is that it depends on the water level of the river which is really the backwaters of the Wellington Dam. So it depends on the amount of water consumption over the next six months and the rainfall.
But anyway, Damons coming up from Bunbury this afternoon and we're going to go for a ride to look at these things. When he gets here I'll explain all the options so he knows why we're going where we're going.
Oh why's it scary that Damons coming? Damon is a superhuman, he has that Lance Armstrong genetic advantage. Did I tell you Damon was the state champion MTB rider? Or how about the time he was showing us the course out at Welly Dam which was a part of the state series. Damon smashed his derailluer and so shortened the chain and used it as a single speed. Now there was hill that was so tough that anyone that climed it without putting a foot down would get a free TShirt. Damon in his middle of the cluster single speed was the only one that made it. Damon is also a really nice guy .

The other really great thing today was that I finally got hot water connected to my washing machine. It's only been a few years that it's been running on only cold water. I read somewhere that to kill all those tiny bugs in your clothes you need hot water. Detergent and cold water only gives you a cleaner bug, you need hot water to actually kill them. I just have to make sure I don't shrink any of my clothes now.

Blog is looking great already, dude, hope you keep it going.
Thanks Tam
I respect your opinion.
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