Thursday, October 19, 2006


Collie Marathon relay

Well the Marathon went well, no one got lost or injured and everyone said they enjoyed it. The only hitch was the fire brigade who marshall on the corners got there late and there was no-one to stop cars, from the feedback I gathered there was only one close call. A big thank-you to everyone who helped out on the day, it was great. I really feel like we've created a truly fine event. Moving the event three weeks closer to summer certainly made the water a lot warmer and the weather was perfect.
The night before I had a nice dinner at the Premier hotel with Robyn Korshid and a few friends, fish with garlic prawns, highly recommended even though I'm not a big fan of garlic. Then after the event I had chinese with Roy, Rebekah and Sheryl. Brian rolled up later, his skydiving at Hillman Farm had been cut short because of problems with the plane but he got one jump in.
Roy and Rebekah slept in the van at my place and in the morning we went out to Mumballup to meet Meg and Neil and others for a mountain bike ride. I chose to take them out to Gibralter Rock which is a large rock formation in the middle of nowhere. I'd traced out a route from old maps and uploaded them to the GPS which meant we ended up scrub bashing on overgrown rail formations. After going up a few dead ends we eventually got there. We returned via a different route which was a bit easier, except for one point where we were going parallel to a creek and I decided we had to cross to a track on the other side so it was a bit more scrub bashing and then an easy ride back to Mumballup for lunch, which consisted of sweets and pizza.

In the last few days I've been doing a bit of paddling and swimming. A team from Bridgetown has invited me to go in their team in the Blackwood Marathon Relay. They're team number one and have been doing the event since it started. I also was at the first event and I've done theIronman six times. I think Tim Wiesse may have passed on my name to Peter Wheatley who is the horse rider for my team. Tim and Sarah stay at Peters farm for the marathon weekend. My paddling is really slow, I'm so out of condition it feels like I'm starting from scratch. It's been a brutal winter and I've been busy with many other things so I've a lot of catching up to do.

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